The Strauss Dynasty (Die Strauß Dynastie) | Peter Prange


... were the first pop hits in history. Their composers were people full of passion, ambition and jealousy, and they all belonged to the same family. “Die Strauß Dynastie” is a fascinating family saga, re-telling the legend of the famous Vienna family of musicians: The humble beginnings of the father Strauss as an amateur violinist, the war between father and son, the bitter rivalry of the brothers, the abyss of hatred and envy, of resentment and intrigue that would break out over and over again within this outstanding dynasty of musicians. Their destiny is mirrored in this great novel, as opulent and full of life as their immortal music. A great artist novel, seasoned with a generous prise humour, lust for romancing and imagination that combines gripping entertainment with a high measure of historical authenticity.


`Dallas´ on the banks of the Danube. The story of the Vienna family Strauß, the waltz dynasty: This is glamour, love, hate and intrigue.
Gorg Ubenauf, Tele
A proper melange in the beat of a walz.
Thomas Thieringer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 24 October 1991
E With a generous prise of humour and the art of storytelling, this book awakes the world of the Strauß-Generation from the Napoleonic Wars to the border of our century to new life.
Ute Sawinksi, Westfälische Rundschau, 9 October 1991
Outstandingly told.
Mechthild zum Egen, SDR 2, October 1991

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