The Rebel (Die Rebellin) | Peter Prange

London, 1851.

In Hyde Park, the heart of the capital. A building is being constructed, the likes of which the world has never seen one before: the “Crystal Palace”, a glistening dream in glass and steel. Here the festival of the first world fair, the Great Exhibition, is to be celebrated, the paradise on earth. Emily Paxton, the architect’s daughter, is fascinated by the vision. But then she meets Victor again, the forgotten friend of her youth, and the drama of the Great Exhibition turns into the drama of her love. For Victor does everything in his power to unmask her father’s dream as a nightmare for mankind.


Once again Peter Prange succeeds in imparting knowledge about a great project of mankind in an extremely entertaining way. At the same time he shows us the daily life of London in the 19th century with all its ugliness but also with all its glamour. All this happens to the reader’s utmost delight.
Jeanette Stickler, Hamburger Abendblatt, 29 October 2005
There are a lot of historical novels on offer, but almost nobody can write as well as he. Peter Prange, expert where the age of Enlightenment is concerned, exact researcher and wonderful author. Once again he chose a character from history and bestowed a new story on her. Emily Paxton … a novel that tells a love story and at the same time brings the reader close to a time past. Political and economical circumstances, challenges and changes. Very, very beautifully told!
Christine Weiner, Kaffee oder Tee, Buchtipp, SWR television, 17 November 2005
Prange has drawn a convincing genre picture of Victorian society: with its unconditional trust in progress, with its beautiful surface and the misery of the workers … worth reading!
Bernhard Lill, Brigitte, 15 October 2005

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