The Philosopher’s Kiss (Die Philosophin) | Peter Prange

Truth – Betrayal – Intrigue – Revolution and Love

Paris, 1747.
Betrayed by God and humanity, Sophie moves to the seething capital of the kingdom. To survive, she works at Café Procope, the meeting place for freethinkers and revolutionaries.

Against her will she falls deeply in love with one of the regular customers: Denis Diderot, the famed philosopher and a married man. He and his colleagues are planning the most dangerous book in the world since the appearance of the Bible: an encyclopedia. Even more explosive are the covert references in the Encyclopedia that threaten to undermine both the monarchy and the church. But Sophie soon realizes that the stakes are even higher for her personally. At risk are her right to freedom, love, and happiness. .

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Prange’s The Philosopher’s Kiss, set in eighteenth-century France, is a careful study of the origins of the Encyclopedia and the life and love of one of its creators, Diderot. Here is historical fiction at its finest – meticulously researched with superbly drawn characters, edifying and entertaining.
Indu Sundaresan, author of The Twelfth Wife and Shadow Princess
A novel so intensely evocative you’ll feel you’re traveling literally back in time, about to witness firsthand the clashes of an age in which ideas could kill you.
Javier Sierra, bestselling author of The Secret Supper and The Lost Angel
This historic tale is compelling and well written, and Prange particularly brings Paris to vivid life...Fans of historical fiction will find plenty to like.
Publisher’s Weekly
He is the star of the historical novel – competently and sensually Peter Prange leads us through the aberrations of the Age of Enlightenment, weaving love and philosophy into an opulent opus about the fight for Diderot’s encyclopaedia … the best historical novel this autumn.
Susanne Kunckel, Welt am Sonntag
Opulent historical novel and history of ideas.
dpa Literatur
This novel leads us back to the year of 1747. In the metropolis of Paris a battle of faith is raging that will change the world forever. Waitress Sophie finds herself in the centre of it and soon she has to realise that all this is also about her personal happiness and her right to freedom, love and happiness.
NDR 1, Buch-Tipps
Almost as a sideline, a complex picture of the society at the beginning of the French Revolution develops. A well researched, properly crafted novel, stylistically trained through Thomas Mann’s writing, in the intellectual tradition of Heinrich Mann or Lion Feuchtwanger.
Andreas Rumler, Deutsche Welle / Goethes Erben
A master of historical fiction.
SWR / Südwestfernsehen, Kulturcafé

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