The Last Harem (Der letzte Harem) | Peter Prange

„Two women between orient and occident.”

Constantinople 1909: In the hidden world of the harem, the friends Fatima and Eliza dream of their future. While one of them does everything to become the Sultan’s favourite, the other one longs for the world beyond the walls of the palace, for love and freedom. Then the Ottoman realm falls apart, the harem is dissolved and the two young women end up in a world where their dreams turn into nightmares and even their last hold, their friendship, is in danger of breaking...


Peter Prange might write about Rome during the Baroque or during the first London world exhibition – but he always mixes facts and fictions to cook up a fascinating historical novel. He has long become the best within the genre. And now he has taken the last harem in his visor: a world full of rituals and deadly intrigues. Thrilling up to the last page. Full marks. .
HÖRZU, 21 September 2007
Elisa and Fatima, friends, ladies of the harem, fight for their lives and for love. Prange is German’s king of the historical novel.
Bild am Sonntag, 21 Oktober 2007
Peter Prange is a magnificent storyteller. Readers lose their breath, following him through the mysterious world of the palace and from time to time they forget their own reality. A smashing adventure.
Für Sie, 29 September 2007
First and foremost, he pulls us all into the whirl of rapid events, because he has thoroughly researched the historical background that seems strange and fascinating for us Middle-Europeans, and he knows how to re-create it.
dpa, 1 Oktober 2007
Hardly any other German writers knows how to bring European history of ideas so close to the reader as Peter Prange.
Brigitte, Die neuen Bücher(the new books), 10 Oktober 2007

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