The Amber Amulet (Das Bernstein-Amulett) | Peter Prange

A destiny...

... as it could be found nowhere else in the world – only in Germany. Barbara’s story begins in October 1944, and it ends in October 1990. Her journey through life reflects the journey of separated Germany, because Barbara’s family is torn apart by the Second World War. Only half a century later they can unite again. In between are the years of the naked fight for survival directly after the war, then the post-war reconstruction, the Cold War, the coming to terms with two different worlds – until the re-unification of 1989. The centre of the story is Barbara. During her life, she always seems to have but one choice, the choice between reason and longing, the choice between two men, between West and East ...


"Das Bernstein-Amulett" is a perfect, moving novel of fate, and I rarely came across a book that casted a spell on me like this one. Beyond any doubt, it belongs among the most thrilling, most emotional, most inventive books I have ever read. I was constantly torn between trembling hope, despair, disappointment, relief and happiness, and there was more than one part where I almost had to cry. A little bit “Gone with a wind”, a little bit “Doctor Zhivago” and a really fascinating novel about the destiny of a German family.
Buchtipp WDR 4
Prange has written a great, dramatic family story. Sensitively and graspingly he describes people in their extreme emotions.
A fantastic success!

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