Seven Ways to Failure … and an Exception to the Rule (Sieben Wege zum Misserfolg ... und eine Ausnahme von der Regel) | Peter Prange

We are striving for happiness,

... for love, for career, for wealth. We strive and strive. But the result remains the same, over and over again – the happiness does not last, the love gets cold, the career ladder is crowded, the account statement smells of near bankruptcy. What do we do wrong? This is an exceptionally intelligent, astonishingly funny book about personal success: how you manage to reliably avoid it – and how you gain it nevertheless.



This book you will like, if you don’t want to read Dale Carnegie all the time.

Prange has written a truly encouraging book, far from the style of the usual success advice books… Meant completely seriously and genuinely hilarious.

This catchy handbook, enriched with curious autobiographical episodes, offers enormous benefits.